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Graham Old

This may well be our most anticipated – and timely – book to date! The world is changing. To ensure their practices are suitable and relevant, contemporary hypnotists need to embrace the change.  

In Online Hypnosis, you will discover 7 inductions suited for working with clients online. You will learn how to utilise phenomena in a virtual environment, how to work with groups and how to handle distractions. This book will provide you with all you need to initiate, enhance and master hypnosis online.

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The mission of Plastic Spoon is summarised very simply in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: to record truth truly. So, we aim to produce and promote captivating books for, by and of real people leading real lives in the real world.

A great example of this is the debut novel, Of Madness and Folly. This fictional memoir spans 9 weeks in the life of a broken-down Social Worker seeking to find his way back to some semblance of normality.

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Memory Tools

The techniques in this book will enable you to effortlessly and efficiently use your memory to its full potential, for the good of your clients and yourself.

How to do Hypnosis

This is THE hypnosis book everyone is talking about! This book provides a solid practical introduction to therapeutic hypnosis. It all begins here.

Let it Be

Let it Be

‘Stop running; plant your feet; and pick up this gentle book.’ – Steven C. Hayes, Originator of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and author of A Liberated Mind

Reviews from Happy Readers

Let it BeLet it Be

A life changing book!

This is an excellent book that I cannot recommend enough. The subject matter of Acceptance is potentially life changing, and strikes a chord whether you’re reading it for academic or professional purposes, or for self-help therapy, or even just curiosity. It is easy to understand and follow, yet thought provoking and clearly founded upon thorough research, experience and expertise. Including real life examples and practical exercises throughout, Graham Old seems to have found the perfect balance between academic theory and making it a kind of handbook you want to keep returning to. The theories are introduced and explained with conversational clarity, and references are supplied as you read for further study should you so wish. I’m not exaggerating when I say it will help me live the life I love. A full 5 stars from me.


Great book

Great book with a nice variety of inductions. Graham is very knowledgeable about each induction and everything is nicely explained, and also easy to understand. The book has exercises after each induction which is a great idea for reinforcing learning and understanding each induction.

S W.

A brilliant little book on Re-Induction, Post-Hypnotic Suggestion, and Anchoring

In this book, Old lays out a delightfully simple way to teach newcomers how to guide themselves into a deep trance state in just 4 breaths, using a gradual training method (gradual, but only takes about 10-15 minutes to train!).

It’s such a simple and ingenious idea I’m feeling silly that I didn’t think of myself!

I’m looking forward to teaching all my hypnosis clients how to do this simple self-hypnosis using PHRIT. I suspect even non-hypnotists could read and understand how to do this process from this book. Highly recommended.

Duff McDuffee

The Anxiety GuideThe Anxiety Guide

Self help at its most useful

As a sufferer of anxiety for many years I found this book particularly interesting.
The fact that it’s written by those effected is absolutely fascinating and is a novel concept.

I would defiantly be recommending this book and I’m even going to give my therapist a copy.

Amazon Customer

This is a MUST HAVE for your hypnosis library!

I don’t typically write reviews, so when I do it’s because it’s totally worth it. This is one such occasion.

Well…let me tell you…I was blown away from the very first chapter! The “aha” moments were ringing a bell that never stopped as I kept turning pages. It was so delightful to finally be able to learn something new again from a fresh perspective. The book is easy to read and Old instructs in a way that is relatable and even fun. His intellect and wit shine through the pages, I went on to purchase a few more of his books after this one, which are all as worthy to be read and studied, and I hope to own his entire collection someday.

Amazon Customer

Comprehensive Treatise on Memory

While this book was written by a professional hypnotist for his colleagues who would benefit from enhancing their memory skills, just about anyone could benefit from the ideas and practices it shares. I certainly wish I had known about these mnemonic practices during my school days, would have made life much easier!

James Malone

Total Recall: Graham’s Memory Tools Are Amazing!

This was an excellent listen. Engaging and easy to absorb.Graham shares powerful insights and memory-enhancing techniques that anyone can easily learn and apply. This is great for any therapist, hypnotist, teacher, coach, and anyone wanting to sharpen their memory skills. Well worth the listen!

Robert Martel

Let it BeLet it Be

Audio review of Let it Be

The book is truly a remarkable work, a handbook that belongs in every library. A reference that you can read over and over again and stop there for what you need at that moment. Useful for anyone who wants to bring self-acceptance and compassion at a higher level. It offers just the right amount of theoretical background, and also concrete suggestions for practice and implementation.

Thank you, Graham, for revealing many of your valuable experiences and strategies to us.

Janez Hudovernik

Amazing, educating, thrilling, a must read

What an amazing, enlightening read. I simply couldn’t put it down. Would definitely recommend.

D McBride

Great study material

As a researching hypnotherapist I found Grahams books and read them all. There is much to learn. The themes are clear and well described. I love to read and study his books for they are easy to read and full of techniques.

Ann M P

An Awesome Book

This is an awesome book – a must have for your hypnosis library. It is a set of building blocks that presents it in a very straight forward way. Powerful stuff. I intend to purchase every single one he writes.

Lisa Brown

From Goodreads

I liked this book because it was a book that was different than what I typically read and the plot was really exciting. I read a lot of books and I don’t think that I have ever come across a book like this before. The humor in this book is great and really kept me laughing throughout the read. This is a book that I would highly recommend!


Hypnosis – Anchor the process

Very easy, clear, understandable book about using hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Graham has really put it all together nicely with his useful approach. Highly recommended for hypnotists and those who want to learn more about how to anchor hypnosis easily.

George Georino

Quite dark, but funny

This is different to anything I’ve read before – but I really enjoyed this. It is quite dark, and sometimes goes to places I may not be entirely comfortable with, but it is funny & observant and very well written. It is very observant of human nature and gave an interesting insight into the mental health world that I’ve not had much experience of. Give it a try!

Jo Edwards

Coming Soon!


Boy Reborn!


Tyler Willis was not what anyone would call extraordinary. For an eight year old boy, he was unobjectionable enough. It’s simply that he was, by all accounts, unimpressive.

That all changes after he is knocked down by a getaway car used in a failed armed robbery. When Tyler later regains consciousness, he shocks his parents by claiming to be the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Whilst there is no shortage of people opposing the young blasphemer, a small group of followers begin to gather round Tyler, convinced that he is the messiah. Claims of healing follow Tyler wherever he goes, whilst all he wants to do is tell people to give all of their money away to the poor.

An exciting and quirky tale, full of mystery, conspiracy and generosity like you’ve never known!

How to be Autistic

Available 2023

How to be Autistic


This book will occupy a unique place in the growing library of books devoted to the topic of neurodiversity.

Thoroughly practical, How to be Autistic is rooted in the author’s own experience as well as individuals he has worked with. You will find very little theory here and no research conducted by neurotypicals, that does not have any impact of the lives of autistic people. 

Perhaps you’ve recently been diagnosed with autism and wonder where you go from here. Or maybe you are more and more aware that you may be autistic. You might have been in denial about your diagnosis and now decided that it is time to engage with your autism.

This book presents a positive – yet realistic – account of being autistic and looks at everything from stimming, masking, special interests, eye-contact, the myth of empathy and more. 

How to be Autistic


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New Release! Online Hypnosis

New Release! Online Hypnosis

The latest book by Graham Old may well be our most anticipated - and timely - book to date! In Online Hypnosis, you will discover 7 inductions suited for working with clients online. You will learn how to utilise phenomena in a virtual environment, how to work with...

Looking After Number 1

Looking After Number 1

Out late 2023, this book has been a long-time coming. And is much needed. We have released a number of books supporting those who work to help others (mostly therapists). We have also published a number of books intended to provide self-help for members of the public....

How to do Hypnosis

How to do Hypnosis

Well, we were slow announcing it, but our latest book on hypnosis, How to do Hypnosis, is out and available to buy now. The book is available for free on Kindle Unlimited. Or you can buy the kindle version, paperback, or glorious hardback. How To Do Hypnosis is THE...

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