Memory Tools

Graham Old


Memory Tools: Techniques to Maximise your Memory for Therapists, Teachers and Trainers


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Therapists often have unique requirements in terms of the sort of things they need to remember. As well as the more technical skills of their craft, they need to remember personal details of their clients.

Therapists who achieve this have a distinct advantage in being able to project to their clients a sense of genuine interest, compassion and unconditional positive regard.

Memory Tools will teach you principles and techniques to enable you to remember details such as:

– Phone numbers
– Names and faces
– Historic events
– Therapeutic processes
– Scripts
– and more…

You will learn from a former top World Memory Championship competitor. Learn techniques that empower you to recall client details. Learn what works and why.

Written by a renowned therapeutic hypnosis trainer, the techniques in this book will enable you to effortlessly and efficiently use your memory to its full potential, for the good of your clients and yourself.

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