How to do Hypnosis

Graham Old


How To Do Hypnosis: The Practical Introduction to Therapeutic Hypnosis


Also available in Hardback and kindle versions.

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How To Do Hypnosis is THE hypnosis book that everyone is talking about!

Graham Old, well-known hypnosis trainer, provides the practical introduction to Therapeutic Hypnosis.

The common question, “What is hypnosis?” is discussed, with the Experiential Model offered as a helpful way to respond to that question.

The purpose, nature and selection of inductions is explored and the solution-focused ‘Therapeutic Inductions’ approach is promoted as key to the ideas presented in this book.

How To Do Hypnosis contains over 30 inductions, half a dozen deepeners and numerous ways of making a hypnotic session ‘magical’ for your clients.

The nature of hypnosis, how we induce hypnosis, intensifying the experience, hypnotic skills and tools, hypnotic language and hypnotic phenomena…

This book provides a solid practical introduction to therapeutic hypnosis. It all begins here.

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'This is a fantastic and long needed book for practitioners of all skill levels. In a truly readable style, Old offers a genuinely comprehensive and practical exploration of hypnosis. While the field of hypnosis is full of strongly held opinions and disagreements, the author goes beyond such limitations and simply shows us what works in an open-minded approach as he shares the broadest range of processes and techniques that I've ever seen under one cover. He does this with a depth of understanding and a breadth of experience that makes this a real contribution. Simply put, you need this book in your library.'

(Michael Watson, Principal Trainer, International Association of Counselors and Therapists.)

'With 'How To Do Hypnosis' Graham Old has written an informative guide to effective hypnotic induction techniques. Packed with common sense and clearly written, this is an ideal book for anyone wishing to start learning how to hypnotise others or prepare for a career in hypnotherapy.'

(Stephen Brooks – Founder of The British hypnosis Research and Training Institute.)

'How to do hypnosis is a big title. Graham Old absolutely nails it and with style. This is a book that all hypnotists will find of immense value.

'Are you are a thinking hypnotist who cares deeply about the outcome of your work and places your client at the centre of a hypnotic experience? Do you desire to be not just a great hypnotist but to be hypnotic? If your answer is yes, then this book is essential reading as part of your journey toward achieving hypnotic excellence.'

(Kaz Riley, Sex Educator, award-winning hypnotist and author of, 'Woman.')