Have you ever noticed that books that aim to provide a sense of escapism often go as far from reality as possible? That’s not something we will be doing at Plastic Spoon.

Even our fiction books – most of which are more accurately described as fact-based fiction – are set in the real world. We are more interested in Peckham Rye than Downton Abbey!

Our fiction involves characters whose lives may very well reflect those of our readers. They will have battled with depression, substance abuse, mental health problems and emotional instability. You won’t find any Jane Eyre here, though you may well encounter Bertha Mason shackled in the attic!

And yet, time and time again, we are informed by our readers that they find our stories to be full of warmth and humour. It is as if we forget that the very thing that unites us – our struggle to be human – is, but it’s very nature laughable.

There is no doom and gloom here. We will laugh and cry and drink and cry and laugh some more, but not simply to drown our sorrows. Rather, we will celebrate the capacity of the human spirit to persevere. Not to soar – we are, after all, even in our fiction reflecting real people with real issues in the real world – but to soldier on.

Some people say that if they did not laugh they would cry. We say, why choose just one?

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