Far too often, those books that are┬álabelled “Self-help” or “Personal Development” can be completely removed from the experiences of ordinary people. We are hoping to do the exact opposite.

We aim to produce & promote books that help, for example, those battling depression learn how to be happy (maybe even whilst still being depressed!). Or, assist someone with Asperger’s in being more flexible. If you are interested in improving your Golf swing, or losing that pesky 2lbs that just won’t budge, we’re probably not the people for you!

However, if you can recognise that you could use some help in order to keep pressing on day-by-day – no matter how lonely or tiresome that task may be – we may be just want you are looking for. We are not promising gold at the end of the rainbow, or even a clear sky when you get to the top of the mountain. But we will say this – we will go with you and, more often than you may ever realise, we may well have made this journey before.

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