The Short Stories are Coming!

Those of you who enjoy our fiction work, may be pleased to hear that we are releasing a series of short stories. In fact, there will be two series!

Firstly, there is the Rob Auldam Short Story series. This documents events in the life of Rob both before and after he made it into the pages of our novel, Of Madness and Folly.

The first story in this series is entitled, The Removal. This records a day in the life of Rob the Social Worker, approximately a decade before his breakdown that lead to the stay in Greenfields.

Secondly, there is the Greenfields Short Story series. This series follows the lives of some of Rob’s fellow patients. Predominantly, this takes the form of exploring the events and issues that lead up to their admission at Greenfields. The stories follow Rob after he has left Greenfields, attempting to make sense of his – and his fellow patients’ – experiences.

So far, there are two stories in this series: Pete, the Poet and Sold his Soul. They record the experiences of Pete and Bob respectively.

If you enjoyed Of Madness and Folly, there’s an above average chance that you’ll love these stories too! Keep tuned, as both of these series will be growing, with frequent new additions.

All titles can be found on Amazon.