Poem: Whiskey

Glass of whiskey

And a glass
And human comp’ny –
The bare necessity of man

You take me up
And bring me down
The red-blooded roulette
That is my life

This sauce will make a fool of me
Start rumours
Slander, a campaign of smear
Intermittent good times
Transient reputations
Where it lands
Nobody knows.

With a tumbler
We’ll pretend we’re friends
Companions, co-travellers
Joined at the flask.

We’ll read Bukowski
And Fante
Young and Old
We’ll speak the same language
We’ll hug and we’ll fight.

Words and song
We’ll barter and banter
And grapple for fun

When morning creeps in
And shame smirks
And mocks –
The usual routine,
Rusty heads,
We’ll react as strangers
Who had believed a lie.